When Is The Best Time To Get A 3D/4D 5D Ultrasound?

5D Ultrasound Arizona

When choosing to do a 3D/4D 5D/HD Live Ultrasound package, we recommend the weeks between 26 – 35 weeks along if only doing a one visit. If you’re looking for more of the baby on the screen at one time and normally more movement (they have more room to move when smaller) then come in on the earlier part of those weeks. More movement – More different shots. If you’re looking for the big chubby cheeks shots (don’t care about more of the baby being on the screen at one time) then come in towards the latter part of those weeks.

Most opinions will agree the ideal window is between 28 – 32 weeks along for the best shots, but it is completely depended on what you’re looking for out of the pictures.

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If you’re planning on doing a 2 visit package, then we suggest coming in for your first visit between 14 – 25 weeks and then your second visit between 26 – 35 weeks depending on when you came in for your first visit. Best to put a good window between them as it will make for 2 completely different sessions of seeing the miracle of the amount of their growth.

If you’re planning on coming in for Gender Determination, then you can come in at any time from 14 weeks to end of pregnancy. Our DNA package¬†for gender determination¬†only requires that you are 7 weeks along and that also can be done to end of pregnancy.

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